10 Top Posts From Week Ending October 25th

Forklift and material handling information is shared or posted daily through dozens of sources. Websites, blogs, newsletters, Twitter, G+, Facebook and more share company and industry news, product insights as well as operational and safety information. Much of what is … Continue reading

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Dealing with Ebola and Ebola-Related Fears in the Workplace

Now that the Ebola virus has landed on U.S. soil, employers here are grappling with how to address various workplace issues, ranging from addressing irrational fears among employees to dealing with employees who may have had actual or potential exposure to the virus. First, employers should learn the facts about the Ebola virus to help [...]

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He did What to try to get Workers’ Comp?

Some employees will go to great lengths to fake an injury and claim workers’ comp. In this case, the worker even damaged company property in his effort.
Glenn Jones of Cleveland has pleaded guilty to filing a false workers’ compensation claim, a first-degree misdemeanor. Security video shows Jones stomped on the floor to create a [...]

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No Escape: Dangers of Confined Spaces

Related Confined Spaces Training DVDs:

Confined Space Entry Training Video
Address the major areas of employee training required by the regulation. View Product

Confined Space Entry A Retraining Program Video or DVD
Gives employees the information they need to refresh their knowledge of OSHA’s Confined Space regulation. [...]

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Animal Caretaker Safety Training

There are a wide variety of businesses and institutions that hire animal caretakers to help with bathing, grooming, and feeding nonfarm animals. Zoos, Veterinarian offices, groomers, and shelters often need the services of animal caretakers, and this can be a dream job for anyone who loves spending time with animals. Below, you’ll find a list [...]

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What type of Fall Protection is Needed to Operate a Lift?

The very fact that you are concerned with which type of fall protection to use while operating a lift already puts you ahead of the game. How often have you seen workers in boom lifts with absolutely no fall protection? I’m willing to bet it’s pretty often.
What those workers don’t realize (let’s give them the [...]

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Worker dies After Being Sprayed with Heated Chemical

The family of a 20-year-old man who was killed on a construction site has proposed legislation for a mandatory fine when an employee is killed on the job. “He was priceless, and $3,000 doesn’t do s—,” said the man’s stepbrother.
Brett Collins was killed in Sheridan, WY, two years ago. He was struck in the [...]

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